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Get actionable (do this, do that) advice from SEOs with 5+ years of experience doing local, national and ecommerce SEO. Starting at $220 (2 hour minimum) you’ll walk away with the information you need to change your trajectory. 

If you require more than 2 hours, you may add more hours on the next page. 

One-time consult:

This is typically a 2-hour (unless you choose to have more) SEO consult whereby we will spend the first hour analyzing your site (on/offisite), putting together findings (sometimes in the form of a loom video) for you to ponder, as well as an action plan. The second hour is spent pouring over this with you, and explaining where your weaknesses lie, as well as your biggest opportunities. Together, we’re going to prioritize them for you, and if we can help out with implementation, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Monthly consulting:

This will start out much like the one-time consult, but will evolve into a partnership, whereby we will be just as responsible for the results as you are. After our first consult, we will setup a monthly cadence to review:

  • Monthly report/metrics review
  • What happened last month
  • What should happen this month
  • How is this helping us progress to our SEO goal

We will provide expert analysis and guidance, create to do lists, and help you prioritize what must be done. We’ll be your accountability partner, and review results proactively, in real time.

However, at this time we do not have the bandwidth to do the following:

  • Implement the changes suggested on/off site
  • Manage your other contractors
  • Consult on agency operations
  • Be available nights, weekends and holidays
  • Answer dozens of emails throughout the month.
  • Call your friends back for you…

That being said, in 11 years we’ve amassed a terrific network of trusted providers that we are happy to recommend for all sorts of things, including answering that text message you’ve been avoiding all week.

About 7 days. After making payment, you’ll be asked for some guiding information, followed by booking a call about 7 days out. This gives us enough time to do a thorough review, and come prepared for our meeting.

One-time consulting is typically used a second set of experienced eyes. We don’t all have someone we can tap for SEO advice, and will spend a couple hours providing valuable next steps. We’re happy to fill that void.

Monthly consulting is typically purchased alongside our other products. You’re already ordering our services, and you’d like to have someone who is proactively looking out on your behalf, and making sure that together, you are picking the best combination of services and techniques to achieve your ideal outcome.

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How it Works
Order, Pitch & Place, Report

Choose One-time or Monthly

  • Hire us only when you need us
  • Subscribe monthly, and we’ll rank it together

What’s the Issue or Opportunity?

  • What would a win look like?
  • What are the stakes?
  • What’s is the timeline?

How Much Help is Needed?

  • If you’re unsure about monthly, start with one-time
  • How many hours would it take you to figure out?
  • Hours start at a 2-hour minimum

“My company has invested hundreds of thousands into countless SEO vendors and Loganix is one that I'm always confident to recommend. The main reason is that their services actually drive results, but also because they have killer customer service.”
Nathan Gotch, Founder, GotchSEO

SEO Consulting Extra Hours

If 2 hours isn't going to cut it, add more expertise to your consulting sandwich by selecting how many additional hours on top of the existing 2 hours you'd like to have.

“I’m usually doing these kinds of researches but at the time, I was swamped with so many other things being the only marketer/SEO at the company. So, the report really helped us (today most of the article suggestions have already been written and posted, and we got to page 1 ranking on a handful)."
Kaloyan Dimitrov, SEO & Content Marketer, Enhancv

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