Niche Edits

Links placed in the existing articles of sites with greater than 1,000 monthly organic visitors. Choose niche-specific or not, and start ranking faster. 

Our SEO team will manually curate link opportunities that fit your criteria.

After ordering, you're able to approve domains and pages before placement.

All orders include:

  • Prospecting and vetting by an SEO
  • Any content creation required for insertion by U.S and Canadian writers
  • Outreach and placement
  • Progress updates (track in the dashboard)
  • White label reporting (sample)

Our SEO team manually analyzes the metrics, history, and content of every site we recommend, evaluating:

    Is the site indexed and getting real organic traffic? Has the domain been penalized, sold, or expired in the past? Is the historical trend in traffic/referring domains natural? Does the site have quality content or is it all completely paid links? And more! Learn how we evaluate links on our blog

Good things take time; turnaround is usually 1 month.

We could do it faster if we cut corners or spammed, but that's not what you're here for.

We guarantee successful placement.

If a link is rejected for any reason, we'll replace it with an equal or better opportunity at no extra cost. You'll never pay for links you don't get.

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More Answers for Curious People

Niche edits are desirable because they are placed within existing articles that have built up authority and may even have received links over time. Contrast this with a brand new guest post which will have neither and may be considered worth less SEO-wise than an edit. All this means is you may see an improvement in rankings sooner, and that increase may be more substantial than a brand-new guest post.

Webmasters and writers edit their content all the time, especially since it’s been well-noted that revisiting content can improve rankings. Enter Loganix. We offer up such an edit, which may be as simple as adding a new paragraph or a couple of sentences.

They sure can be, and in our experience, often are. We have avoided niche edits for years for this reason alone.

Link building is all about relationships, and the connections we’ve created with webmasters and writers are ones that we’ve come to trust a great deal over the decade. That’s right; we’ve been working with some of these folks for a decade, which leads us to believe that when they tell us they have legitimate access to edit their articles, they are being honest.

Your concerns are legitimate, as many will hack into Wordpress via outdated Wordpress plugins to gain access to old articles. Please feel welcome to ask as many questions as you need.

Is editing your blogs and adding new resources white hat? Yes! That’s all this is, and it’s something Google clearly encourages based on the well-documented ranking increases when content is edited regularly.

Virtually any space: Business, Technology, Marketing, Real Estate, Home, Food, Health, Travel, Construction, and MANY others.

And our inventory of opportunities is constantly growing.

*Not sure we have relevant topical blogs for your niche/industry?* Contact us and provide the niche/URLs you're working on, and we'll confirm for you before ordering.

No. These sites all have a level of editorial control (or we wouldn't work with them!)

Each one has different rules on what is acceptable for publication, but in general: no pharma, adult, casino/gambling, etc. links, and the pages we link to should offer some legitimately useful information.

If you’re concerned about whether or not a specific URL would be accepted by sites we work with, Contact us to discuss before you order.

You're welcome to suggest anchor text, and we'll do our best to accommodate. That said, our goal is to make the insertion look as natural as possible. We cannot guarantee the anchor will match your request exactly (but we'll try!)

At this time, for niche edits, we will show you the page where we will place your link in, but we will not explain how we will do it. You can rest assured that our capable US and Canadian writers will weave your link into the existing content in the most natural way possible.

As it happens, link insertions require very little content. We are merely updating an existing piece of content, which may only require a single paragraph.

With that said, when we share the page where we will be placing the link, you’re seeing 95% of the content that is going to be on that page.

Each piece of content we produce is written to meet each site’s quality standards and guidelines. To ensure that the quality, style, and standards of the sites we work with are met, we do not accept client-contributed content.

Absolutely! Many of our clients opt to have us take care of link building as a fully managed service.

This includes a dedicated Account Manager and strategist on your account to make sure the links we build for you and your clients match your goals and budget.

Contact us to discuss.

How it Works
Order, Approve, Report

Place Your Order

  • Choose type of link and volume
  • Send payment to start the process
  • Share your URLs and suggested anchor text

Approve or Replace

  • We'll curate a list of vetted opportunities for you
  • Approve or ask for replacements (free of charge)
  • We begin content creation and placement (sample)

Review & Report

  • Get an email when your link is confirmed
  • Receive a white label report (sample)
  • Place your next order!

Place Your Order

You'll be able to specify URLs and anchor text after your order is placed.

“We promise our clients targeted, quality links. They care about bang for buck—but they also scrutinize and ask questions. I can defend Loganix' work—and because they deliver, so can we.”
Jerry Zheng - Senior SEO Specialist at OneLocal

You can keep the same links and anchor texts, or provide new ones each month.

Links Consulting

Get some advice on where to build the links, how many you should be building, at what rate you should be building them - and more!

Put an experienced strategist at the helm of your link-building campaign, and get your other work done. Or, have us do a link analysis, present our findings and provide recommendations for this and future builds - one-time only.

“Our agency relies on Loganix to deliver links to clients. We love that Loganix presents you a list of the sites ahead of time, so we’re able to evaluate each and make sure it’s a perfect fit for our clients.”
Ryan Stewart, Founder, The Blueprint & Webris

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