Keyword Gap Analysis

Save yourself the step of organizing data from tools like Ahrefs. Find valuable keyword gaps that you're missing out on, in our action-oriented, comprehensive report. This sheet looks at up to 1000 keywords a site ranks for + 5 competitors to show keyword gaps. Delivered in 2 business days

No and yes. By ordering a single keyword gap analysis (KGA) we will be preparing a report based on the competitor URLs you provide (we ask for 5). So whatever market you and they are competing in, will be the basis for this report. For multi-location, order a KGA per location.
The 1000 keywords are the top 1000 via Ahrefs will show us as many keywords where 2 or more domains provided have a keyword in common.
We recommend you choose competitors who are ranking in Google where you’d like to rank. Please provide the exact URLs that are ranking.

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