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Powerful media placements for SEO & brand awareness using the popular Help a Reporter Out (HARO) & ProfNet platforms.

Your Loganix SEO team will:

  • Search for writers looking to cite sources like you
  • Pitch writers on your behalf, offering them your experience and insight
  • Report on links acquired, as they go live

Firstly, nothing less than Ahrefs DR 50. In fact, our average placement is DR 75+. This weeds out 99% of bad sites, right away.

Additionally, we'll review the organic traffic trends, so as to make sure there's no funny business.

Learn how we evaluate links on our blog

Our customer support team would be happy to share some example articles with you

Good things take time; turnaround is usually 2 months.

We could do it faster if we cut corners, but that's not what you're here for.

We guarantee a 'do-follow' link, on a Domain Rating (DR) 50+ site.

If a link is rejected for any reason, we'll replace it with an equal or better opportunity at no extra cost. You'll never pay for links you don't get.

No, we simply ask for 30 days notice before you cancel. The nature of HARO is that we're always building 1-2 months ahead, so this protects us from financial loss. Thank you!

How it Works
Order, Pitch & Place, Report

Place Your Order

  • Choose how many monthly links you need
  • Send payment to start the process
  • Begin onboarding questionnaire

Pitch & Place

  • We'll search HARO and Profnet for ideal journalist requests
  • We'll pitch journalists on your topic expertise
  • Detailed, well-researched insights are delivered on your behalf

Review & Report

  • Live, white-label report shared
  • Live links added throughout the month, and reported
  • Rinse and repeat

Place Your Order

You'll be able to specify URLs after your order is placed.

“Our agency relies on Loganix to deliver links to clients. We love that Loganix presents you a list of the sites ahead of time, so we’re able to evaluate each and make sure it’s a perfect fit for our clients.”
Ryan Stewart, Founder, The Blueprint & Webris

More Answers for Curious People

Here are some wins we are particularly proud of:

We can link to most, legitimate businesses.

In general: no pharma, adult, casino/gambling, etc. sites, and the pages we link to should offer some legitimately useful information.

They can be promotional, service pages, however non-promotional, blog/resource pages are always preferred, and necessary as a secondary suggested target URL.

It's not uncommon for journalists/writers to link to home pages, and that is often their preference.

If you’re concerned about whether or not a specific URL would be accepted by sites we work with, Contact us to discuss before you order.

No, and we don't ask for it. Journalists, as I am sure you might guess, are not interested in your anchor text.

This is a high touch point process, where we are very much at the mercy of another team's well-established, strict editorial requirements and processes. It does not serve anyone to create challanges for journalists and editors. We respect their guidelines, and do not take any creative liberties.

We will only be able to share URLs once they've gone live, in a white-labeled, Google Sheet. Our clients love this service because they trust the links will always be the best, and they needn't be involved in the day to day. This keeps things moving quickly as this work requires a nimble approach to be successful.

In order to be eligible for as many quality opportunities as possible, we require a detailed onboarding, including:

  • A C-Suite email address to mail from
  • Info about the C-Suite (credentials, etc.)
  • C-Suite business/work/life philosophy
  • Company, team, and competitor info

The questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete

The writer that is looking to cite experts, writes the article.

With the help of the information collected during the onboarding process, we will have enough insight to provide the writer with a quote. The quotes are well-researched, and we've not had any issues.

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“Loganix is great to work with for several reasons. The quality of their links is top notch, their dashboard is slick and user friendly, and their customer service folks are one of the best I've experienced in this business. They've helped me produce consistent results month after month.”
Skyler Reeves, Founder, Ardent Growth.

You'll be able to specify URLs after your order is placed.

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