Citation Cleanup Outreach

Improve, and create more stable Google My Business rankings by making sure your citations are accurate. 

  • White-labeled report (sample)
  • 6-week turnaround
  • 70% of citations cleaned on average

It’s exactly what you’d imagine: manual, arduous outreach with the persistence of a mosquito, cunning of a fox, and sweetness of honey. An audit will be done to find all your existing citations

  1. Search for each website’s contact information
  2. 3 rounds of outreach over a 6 week period
  3. Results delivered, with a summary of work completed

Google has, on many occasions, stated that a consistent, accurate citation profile (citations) are a local search ranking factor. Consider this, if you had a link from another website that was broken, would you not fix it? Citations are not much different. When citations are incorrect, they are broken, and it’s understood they do not provide the value that we seek.

We will try! We will send emails to all citation sources seeking repair or in some cases, deletion. Please note, more effort may be allocated to those citations that appear in Google's index, and/or appear to be more authoritative.

1712%. No, that doesn’t make sense. We’re good, but not that good. Generally speaking, without any logins, or email associated with the business, we average 70% cleaned. Not bad considering we need to convince a lot of directories that don’t care to a) care and b) trust that we represent you. If we do have an email or logins, we can commonly produce even better results.

More Answers for Curious People

Six weeks from start to finish. Why so long? We don’t just hit up the big directories, we contact everyone. We don’t believe in shortcuts at Loganix, because we realize it is more than just citation consistency, it’s brand and messaging consistency. Your cleanup is done in 3, 2-week increments: week one outreach, week 2 wait, reply, and update status. Rinse and repeat.

If you or your client can give us an email address (with webmail access) that is associated with the business we are cleaning up, AWESOME. In campaigns where we have use of this, our success rate is higher. Otherwise, we create a Gmail address like… and use it.

“My company has invested hundreds of thousands into countless SEO vendors and Loganix is one that I’m always confident to recommend. The main reason is that their services actually drive results, but also because they have killer customer service. Can’t recommend them enough!”
Nathan Gotch, Founder, GotchSEO

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