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Rank higher in local search with fast and accurate citations built by experienced SEOs. Our specialists analyze your city, niche, and competition to build on what's working and fill in the gaps, increasing traffic to your site (and your store) from Google My Business.

  • All countries and multiple locations welcome
  • Citation audit always included
  • Quick 3-5 day turnaround
  • Accurate placements guaranteed
  • White label reporting (sample)

Choose between:

Citations Package: Ideal for creating an effective and diverse local SEO profile that combines business directory, photo, video, and social citations. Includes; 60 business directory citations, 10 photo citations, 10 video citations, 10 social citations.

Citations+ Package: Our regular citations package plus an extra 40 live, local business directory citations. Ideal for business with more locations to cover. Includes; 100 business directory citations, 10 photo citations, 10 video citations, 10 social citations.

Monthly Citations Subscription: Ideal for helping your established location stay on page 1 by consistently boosting local and organic link signals. Includes per month; 20 business directory citations, 10 social citations.

A La Carte Citations Bundle: Ideal for testing the waters, filling in small gaps, or helping with order fulfillment. Includes; 10 business directory citations per bundle.

We build more than just the typical citations that come to mind (ie, occurrences of your business name, address, and phone number on local directories).

We also create unstructured, rich-media citations. With a larger variety of different citation types across trusted websites, your local search ranking will get a much higher boost.

Examples of unstructured rich-media citations include:

  • Video: Streamable or Screencast (sample)
  • Photo: Flickr, Tumblr, etc. (sample)
  • Social: MySpace,, etc. (sample)

We kick things off with a citation audit to see what's working and what needs fixing.

This is followed up by a competitive analysis which identifies the citations your competitors have that you don't.

Then, we build citations that are high authority, relevant, and mostly likely to be approved and stay live.

Yes! Simply change the quantity of your order based on how many locations you need the citations package for, and we will ask for the business information of each location after payment.

We guarantee successful placement and accuracy.

If a citation is rejected for any reason, we'll replace it with an equal or better opportunity at no extra cost. You'll never pay for citations you don't receive.

“I love working with Loganix. They deliver incredible, high-quality work. They are very timely, often with a couple day turnaround time, and their support has been helpful and prompt.”
Sam Bretzmann, Founder, Whiskey SEO

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“Loganix are our go-to for citations and link building. We’ve been partnering with them since 2017 and it’s a relationship I’m happy to continue indefinitely due to their great work and support.”
Daniel Sandoval, Director, Digital Assembly

“My company has invested hundreds of thousands into countless SEO vendors and Loganix is one that I’m always confident to recommend. The main reason is that their services actually drive results, but also because they have killer customer service. Can’t recommend them enough!”
Nathan Gotch, Founder, GotchSEO

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